The following is a list of LiLT members who are available to present on topics related to the many ways literature can be used in language teaching. Appropriate material selection, how to use technology to enhance literature focused lessons, and the role of creative writing activities in language learning are just a few of the topics our members have presented on at local, national, and international conferences.  If your chapter, school, or training facility is looking for a knowledgable–and entertaining–presenter, please think about using one of the LiLT members.  Or, if you would like to set up a joint conference or mini-conference–like our conference with the Kyoto Chapter–please feel free to contact us at <>.

Areas of specialty and contact information is included in the list below:


Presenter's NameLocationDays/Dates AvailablePresentation/Workshop TopicsContact information
Anna Husson IsozakiJapan, KantoWeekends, some holidays- Bridging modes: narrative literature listening and literacy connections
- Really reading: integrating skills to stimulate and support empowered L2/EFL literacy
- Building foundations for autonomous, enjoyable critical reading and discussion: fiction to news
Suzanne KamataJapan, Shikoku and Kansai areaEmail for available times and dates- Creative writing workshops (60-90 minutes)
- Presentations on Creative Writing in the EFL classroom.
- Writing for literacy learners

Tara McilroyTokyo, KantoWeekends October-December 2017- Metaphor and L2 vocabulary acquisition
- Literature integrated language teaching
- Learner corpora
- Reading in a second language
Kevin SteinJapan, Kansai area: Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, KobeWeekends, weekdays from July 15-August 28- Writing stories for 2nd language learners.
- Using short poetry (Haiku, Tanka, etc) in the language classroom.
- Using literature in linked classrooms and other cross-cultural learning situations