Volume 3 Issue 1, November 2014


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  • Contents: Volume 3, Issue 1, 2014 (6-7)  [Contents (PDF)]

Feature Articles

  • Throw Away the Textbook and Get a Paperback Instead: Reading Reading García Márquez Short Stories and Sandra Cisneros’s La casa en Mango Street in Spanish with Limited Vocabulary and Grammatical Knowledge by Akira Watanabe (8-19)  [LiLT 3_1 Watanabe (PDF)]
  • Criteria and creation: Literary Texts and a Literature Textbook by Simon Bibby (20-31)  [LiLT 3_1 Bibby (PDF)]

Literature in Practice

  • Close and Careful but not Cautious: Using the Writer’s Workshop Method in the Reading Classroom by Kevin Stein (32-38)  [LiLT 3_1 Stein (PDF)]

Conference Reports

  • Report on Paperless: Innovation & Technology in Education by Atsushi Iida and Tara McIlroy (39-42)  [LiLT 3_1 Iida and McIlroy (PDF)]


Book Review

  • Using Classic Literature in the Language Classroom: The Great Gatsby in the Classroom: Searching for the American Dream by Heather Doiron (67-68)  [LiLT 3_1 Doiron Book review (PDF)]


  • Information on the next issue of The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching (69) and Submission guidelines and contact information for authors (70)  [LiLT 3.1 information and guidelines (PDF)]