Volume 2 Issue 2, December 2013


Editorial by Tara McIlroy (LiLT co-coordinator)

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  • Editorial by Tara McIlroy (3-4)


  • Teaching Ideas in Shakespeare by Neil Addison (5-11) [link to PDF]
  • Creative Writing in ELT: Organically Grown Stories by Clay Bussinger (12-18) [link to PDF]
  • Theorizing on the advantages of the fiction writing workshop in the EFL classroom (Part 1) by John Wolfgang Roberts. (19-26) [Link to PDF]

Literature in Practice

  • Literature in Japan: Groups and conferences by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa (27-30) [Link to PDF]

Conference reviews

  • Report on the LiLT Forum at the JALT 2013 Conference in Kobe: Learning is a lifelong voyage by Simon Bibby and Tara McIlroy (31-32) [Link to PDF]
  • Report on the Japan Writers’ Conference in Okinawa by Simon Bibby, Gavin Brooks, Tara McIlroy & John Wolfgang Roberts (33-35) [Link to PDF]


  • We accept submissions throughout the year. <liltsig@gmail.com> (attention: Journal of Literature in Language Teaching)




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