Volume 3 Issue 2, December 2014

Complete Issue:  [ Journal of LiLT 3.2 (PDF)]

Feature Articles

  • Flowing toward solutions: literature listening and L2 literacy by Anna Husson Isozaki (6-20)  [LiLT 3_2 Isozaki (PDF)]
  • Content and context: A university L2 course using George Orwell’s Animal Farm by Simon Bibby (21-33) [LiLT 3_2 Bibby (PDF)]
  • Cross-Cultural Poetry Projects in a Japanese University EFL Setting by William Collins (34-51) [LiLT 3_2 Collins (PDF)

Literature in Practice

  • Responding to second language poetry: Critical self-reflection on peer review by Atsushi Iida (52-61) [LiLT 3_2 Iida (PDF)]

Conference Reports

  • Literature in Language Teaching Conference: The Heart of the Matter by Tara McIlroy (70-76) [LiLT 3_2 McIlroy]


  • Information on the next issue of The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching (77)  and Submission guidelines and contact information for authors (78)  [LiLT 3_2 guidlines_next issue (PDF)]