Volume 4 Issue 1, June 2015


Complete Issue:  [Journal of LiLT 4.1(PDF)]


Literature in Practice

  •  Short stories in multilingual English composition in China by Justin Nicholes (8-20) [LiLT 4_1 Nicholes]
  • Conceptualising and implementing an action research project targeted at improving secondary school students’ English language comprehension skills through literature by Ian Tan (21-34) [LiLT 4_1-June Tan]
  • Student autonomy through creativity by Susan Laura Sullivan (35-53) [LiLT_4_1_Sullivan]


Conference Reports

JALT PanSIG 2015 Presentations

  • The Summer of The Black Widows by Sherman Alexie introduced by Suzanne Kamata (56-57) [LiLT_4_1_Kamata]
  • Texts that work: Three suggested literary texts for the language classroom by Simon Bibby (58-59) [LiLT_4_1_Bibby]
  • The Song of Hiawatha: impact and uses by Cameron Smith (60-61) [LiLT_4_1_Smith]
  • Authentic tasks and testing for university English literature classes by Neil Conway (62-63) [LiLT_4_1_Conway]
  • Boosting cultural awareness through short stories by Gregg McNabb (64-65) [LiLT_4_1_McNabb


Liberlit 2015

  • Conference report on the sixth LiberLit conference, Meiji Gakuin University by Neil Addison and Tara McIlroy (66-72) [LiLT_4_1 Addison_McIlroy



  • Information on the next issue of The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching (73) and Submission guidelines and contact information for authors (74) [LiLT_4_1_Announcements]


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