Volume 4 Issue 2, December 2015


Complete Issue:  [LiLT4-2(PDF)]


Literature in Practice

  • Using Literature in an EFL Context to Teach Language and Culture by Matthew Armstrong (7-24) [LiLT 4_2 Armstrong]
  • The Effects of Employing Haiku Reading Tasks on Improving Critical Reading Skills by Seyed Mohammad Momeni (25-39) [LiLT 4_2 Momeni]
  • Using Japanese Literature in Translation in the EFL Classroom by Peter Hourdequin (40-49) [LiLT 4_2 Hourdequin]


Conference Reports

  • Japan Writers Conference 2015: Alice Campion and Collaborative Writing by Susan Laura Sullivan (50-55) [LiLT_4_2_Sullivan]
  • Japan Writers Conference 2015 presentations by Wendy Jones Nakanishi (56) [LiLT_4_2 Nakanishi]
  • JALT 2015 LiLT Events: LiLT Forum; Jane Spiro: Writing Mirrors: Teacher- Writers and Learner-Writers; Neil Conway by Simon Bibby, Kevin Stein and Gregg McNabb (59-60) [JALT LiLT Events 4_2]



  • Conference announcements (61), Information on the next issue of The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching (62), and Submission guidelines and contact information for authors (62) [LiLT_4_2_Announcements]


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