Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2016


Complete Issue:  [lilt-5_1-July_2016 (PDF)]

  • Contents: Volume 5, Issue 1, 2016 (4)  [contents-5-1 (PDF)] 


Literature in Practice

  • The Use of Creative Writing and Non-academic Vocabulary in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Classrooms by Mustafa Öztürk (5-24) [LiLT-5_1-Öztürk (PDF)]
  • “La Mano del Escritor” (the Writer’s Hand): Introducing Latina Poetry in English Class by Quenby Hoffman Aoki (25-33)[LiLT-5_1-Hoffman-Aoki (PDF)]
  • Using Parallel Texts to Teach Waka (Tanka): An Introduction to a Preliminary Research Project by Kathryn Tanaka and Teiko Morita (34-45) [LiLT-5_1-Tanaka-Morita]
  • Identities in an ESL Poetry Book: A Case Study of One Chinese Student by Fang-Yu Liao (46-61) [LiLT-5_1-Liao]


Conference Reports

  • Liberlit Conference 2016 by Anna Husson Isozaki (62-65) [LiLT-5_1-Isozaki]



  • Conference announcements (66), Information on the next issue of The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching (66), and Submission guidelines and contact information for authors (67) [lilt-5_1-announcements]