Volume 5 Issue 2, December 2016


Complete Issue:  [Lilt-5-2-december-2016(PDF)]


Literature in Practice

  • Writing Centos in a Japanese Classroom by Suzanne Kamata (5-12 [lilt-5_2-Kamata-Suzanne (PDF)]
  • Artwork and Drama Activities Using Literature with High School Students by Vicky Ann Richings and Masateru Nishimuro (13-25) [lilt-5_2-Richings-Nishimuro (PDF)]
  • An Interview With Simon Bibby, LiLT Founder on the State of LiLT and Literature in EFL by Simon Bibby and Gregg McNabb (26-34) [lilt-5_2-Bibby-McNabb (PDF)]

Conference Reports