The LiLT SIG in cooperation with the C-Group, Teaching Young Learners SIG, and Pilgrims English Language Courses, is very proud to announce that we will be hosting Maria (Malu) Sciamarelli at the JALT2017 conference in Tsukuba, Japan.



Creative Writing, Essential, not Supplemental

Day: Sunday, November 19th
Time: 1:35 PM – 2:35 PM  (60 minutes)
Room: 102

Many teachers feel there is no time for poetry, stories, or creative activities alongside all the other language goals of their lessons. This workshop will explore the essential benefits of using creative writing in the language classroom and what it can teach us about creativity in general. Participants will leave with ideas for developing activities as an integral part of the syllabus, allowing students to experiment with language, and making learning more engaging and memorable.


Literature for All: Creative Texts for Every Class

Day: Saturday, November 18th
Time: 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM  (60 minutes)
Room: 102

Teaching language through literature makes learning and teaching more interesting for students, from all levels and ages, as well as for teachers. In this session, I will show how the use of extracts from classic to modern literature enhances students’ creative writing, develops their imagination, and increases motivation. In addition, I will show that how bringing literary texts enhances students’ creative writing skills, improves critical reading ability, and sharpens critical thinking skills.


About Malu:

Malu Sciamarelli has been an active member of the ELT community for 23 years, working as a teacher and freelance teacher trainer in private schools and language institutes in Sao Paulo State and Rio de Janeiro State.  While developing her skills as a teacher and trainer, she has also been an active member of C-Group, a group of teachers dedicated to increasing the amount of creativity found in language classrooms throughout the world.  She has been a committee member of the C-Group for 2 years, and has published book chapters on ‘Teaching Children with Mascot-Inspired Projects’ (2015) and the importance of creativity and play in language learning (in-press). Her articles on creative writing (2015, 2014) and using literature in the language classroom (2013) have helped to generate a higher level of discourse around creativity in the language classroom within the ELT community. In addition, her work guest editing an issue of the ETAS Journal on ‘Creative Writing and ELT: Intersecting borders in creative writing and English language teaching’ (2014), offered a chance for new authors around the world to engage and broaden the conversation on the role creativity plays in the language classroom.

In addition to teaching and writing book chapters and articles, Ms. Sciamarelli is a poet and short story writer with numerous pieces written for language learners (2013, 2014, 2016). Ms. Sciamarelli is also a part of a new movement in ELT, one which uses blogs and other media to quickly disseminate new ideas to the ELT community.  Her posts on creativity and literature on Teaching Village (2013), iTDi (2013, 2014), and the IATEFL Teacher Development Interest Group (TD SIG) Blog (2014) show her dedication to constantly engage with the community in real time and help to shape the flow of ideas around the use of literature and creativity within the language classroom.

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