Volume 6 Issue 1, August 2017

Complete Issue:
  [Lilt-6-1-August-2017 (PDF)]


Special Issue:  Empirical Studies of Creative Writing in the Second Language Classroom

  • Empirical Studies of Creative Writing in the Second Language Classroom: Challenging the Oxymoron an editorial for the special issue by special issue editors David I. Hanauer, Aaron Beasley, Fang-Yu Liao, and Justin Nicholes (5-6) [lilt-6_1-special issue editorial (PDF)]
  • Evaluating Second Language Student Poetry: A Study of Instructors by Lara M. Hauer and David I. Hanauer (7-20) [ lilt-6_1-Hauer-Hanauer  (PDF)]
  • English Teachers’ Desire to Teach Poetry: The Impact of Educational Backgrounds, Belief toward Poetry, and Level of Confidenceby Riza E. Masbuhin and Fang-Yu Liao (21-36) [ lilt-6_1-Masbuhin-Liao  (PDF)]
  • Japanese L2 Writers’ Self-Perceived Voice in Haiku Poetry and Academic Prose by Jun Akiyoshi (37-54) [  lilt-6_1-Akiyoshi  (PDF)]
  • EFL Students’ Perceptions of Writing Poetry in English: The Effect of Educational Backgrounds and Belief Towards Poetry by Fang-Yu Liao and Sukanto Roy (55-72) [ lilt-6_1-Liao-Roy (PDF)]
  • Metacognition and Creative Writing: Implications for L1 and L2 College Writing Experiences by Nouf Alshreif and Justin Nicholes (73-88) [ lilt-6_1-Alshreif-Nicholes (PDF)]


Book Reviews

  • Amos Paran and Pauline Robinson’s Into the classroom: Literature reviewed by Simon Bibby (89-91) [ lilt-6_1_Bibby (PDF)]


Conference Reports

  • Conference report on the PanSIG Conference, Akita International University, May 19th-21st, 2017 by Tara McIlroy, Quenby Hoffman Aoki, Atsushi Iida, and Gregg McNabb (92-96) lilt-6_1-2017 PanSIG Conference Report (PDF)]