Volume 6 Issue 2, Winter 2017

Complete Issue:
  [JLILT-6-2-Winter-2017 (PDF)]


Feature Articles

  • Exploring Imagined Disciplinary Identity in Future-Scenario Autobiographical L2 Writing by Justin Nicholes (5-17) [lilt-6_2_Nicholes (PDF)]
  • A Multimodal Alternative to Traditional Literacy Pedagogy through the Graphic Novel American Born Chinese by Alan H. Shelton (18-31) [lilt-6_2_Shelton (PDF)]

Literature in Practice

  • Sharing Suzanne Kamata’s A Girls’ Guide to the Islands with EFL Students by Meredith Stephens (32-42) [lilt-6_2_Stephens (PDF)]
  • Aesop’s Fables: Classical Wisdom for a Contemporary World by Lorraine Kipling (43-55) [lilt-6_2_Kipling (PDF)]

Conference Reports

LiLT SIG Forum – JALT 2017: “Creativity, Poetry, Stylistics, and Culture”

  • Second language poetry writing in the Japanese EFL classroom by Atsushi Iida (56-58) [lilt-6_2_Iida (PDF)]
  • Creativity through Literature by Malu Sciamarelli (59-61) [lilt-6_2_Sciamarelli (PDF)]
  • JALT 2017 – Four Corners Tour by Malu Sciamarelli (62-66)  [lilt-6_2_Sciamarelli FCT (PDF)]
  • A Cultural-Stylistic Approach to L2 Short Story Writing: A Teaching Report by Paul Sevigny (67-71) [lilt-6_2_Sevigny (PDF)]


• Publications by members (Suzanne Kamata) (67) and Conference announcements (67) [lilt-6_2_announcements (PDF)]

• Submission guidelines and contact information for authors (68) [lilt-6_2_guidlines (PDF)]


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